GC is based in the Netherlands, in the heart of Food Valley region. The people from GC are well trained in mastering complex multi-disciplinary projects in climate, water, infrastructure, energy and waste, area development, and not to forget agri food. We’re recognized for our operation speed, our flexibility, creativity and our network. We often play the role of frontrunner company, exploring new frontiers and markets for our clients.

When pioneering up front, GC is able to take risks. We are able to invest in exploring and scanning market opportunities, turning them swiftly in realistic first concepts supported by first business models. These concepts enables us to include financial partners, and that opens the way to new executable projects. With seed money from the financial partners we let the concept and first business model bloom into a real plan that is sustainable and beneficial to human and environment. We Design, Build, Finance, Maintain and Operate our projects with foreign and Dutch businesses and governments.