The Special Treat Project is making progress

Our Waste to Value project in Ghana, also called The Special Treat Project, is making progress. The purpose is to improve the living conditions through improved sanitation, the collection and treatment of waste and waste water and to effectively recover energy, nutrients and compost from residues. This is smart, certainly if you take into account this new way of generating energy creates new jobs. At this moment we are working with more than 50 local people on the several plants.

TST making progress.jpg

New colleagues Aditi and Tim

Welcome to our 2 new colleagues Aditi Tallu from India and Tim Huldman! Aditi is in the Netherlands for 2 weeks to get acquainted with our company and of course her colleagues. From Delhi she will carry out work for our projects in India. Tim will soon be leaving for Ghana to assist in our Waste to Value project. Aditi and Tim both participate in the Young Expert Program (YEP) of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Aditi en Tim.jpg

Wonderful Vietnam

This week our colleagues were in wonderful Vietnam! Three weeks ago a Vietnamese delegation of NATEC visited us in the Netherlands. Our return visit lead to meetings where we discussed innovative solutions for sand washing, the use of digesters and sustainable rice production. We will help with the setup of a conference in Hanoi to strengthen ties between Vietnamese and Dutch business and knowledge institutions. All in all an unforgettable first business trip! Vietnam is a beautiful country with rapidly growing economy, large swatches of unspoiled wilderness, and cities such as Hanoi, which reminds to beautiful cities such as Paris and Havana. The trip was together with IHC, Nijhuis Industries, Solveigh and NWP. Special thanks go to the Vietnamese Embassy in the Hague.

Holland Trade Mission prime-minister Rutte

Friday the 25th GC and her Indian and Dutch partners joined Dutch Minister Cora van Nieuwenhuizen in New Delhi while presenting our Waste to Wealth | Hindon & Ganga Clean up Concept as part of the Holland Trade Mission to India, led by prime-minister Rutte! This was an excellent workshop during which we could explain our programme well and interact with the audience present. It gave the audience a unique insight view of how the consortium (GC, Nijhuis Industries and Trinity) work and partner with our Dutch government, ‘De Werkplaats’ in a DBFMO (Design, Build, Finance, Maintain, Operate) project. The total Indian - Dutch team is geared up for the next step, to proof this joint effort to become bankable and executable.

Visit of Vietnamese delegation

Last week GC received a delegation of 16 Vietnamese people from NATEC (National Agency for Technology Entrepreneurship and Commercialization Development). Jointly, we visited our partners IHC (dredging and wet mining), Nijhuis industries, the FoodValley and the WFC presenting showcases of Dutch successes. The agency works in Vietnam on various integrated issues, including sustainable food production. As a follow-up, GC is going to Vietnam in early June to find out how we can apply our expertise on a number of issues.

Waste to wealth

Next week we and Nijhuis Industries are invited to present our Ganges Basin Concept to a special delegation from India and the Netherlands. The presentation will take place in New Delhi and is part of the trade mission of Prime Minister Mark Rutte. We are focusing on two projects of a significant scale. Dumpsites will be cleared, waste collection in cities improved, waste water cleaned. Out of all the waste flows we create value: Clean Water, Clean Air, Clean Cities, Think of dumpsite turning in biodiversity parks. We will create healthy living environments. With sale of products such as electricity, compost and a lot more we make the projects bankable. We Design, Build, Finance, Maintain and Operate our projects within our joint venture, partnerships with Indian and Dutch businesses and governments. We will be settling in India for decades to come, creating new opportunities and jobs for the involved communities.


Future of Ganga river basin starts at school!

During an intensive trip deep into the Ganges river basin we officially started our first on the ground pilot of our Ganges river concept. This moment was celebrated in presence of our very own Dutch government, Mrs. Ellen van Langert of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment and with Mr. Arthur van Leeuwen of “de Werkplaats”, a supportive platform for accelerating the transfer of Dutch knowledge and technology, initiated by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency RVO. We opened the first water cleaning facility during a ceremony organized by the Chairman of the town. Then we all went to school and that’s the place where a clean and healthy future for India actually starts. Step by step we will now work on a successful approach for cleaning Ganga.


Help of Ghanaian locals

For weeks Ghanaian locals are helping us to clear the location for our Waste to Value project site. With their machetes they are cutting our site clean. The locals came up with the offer themselves, having special interest in the palm trees, out of which they will produce palm wine that they can bring to the market. We’re working on a warm and steady relationship with our new neighbours.