Improving the living conditions

Improving the living conditions through improved sanitation, the collection and treatment of waste and waste water and to effectively recover energy and nutrients from residues. This is smart, certainly if you take into account this new way of generating energy creates new jobs.

GC is working on the Special Treat Project in Ghana in collaboration with a number of renowned Dutch and Ghanaian companies. A separate Ltd. set up in Ghana, will employ more than 20 people from 2018 on.
See for more information about our most recent Waste to Energy project in Ghana.

Also in India GC closely cooperates with partners Nijhuis, Trinity Natural Gas and “Netherlands International Works” in two Waste to Value projects located in the Ganga Basin. The objective is to clean the Hindon river basin hence eliminating a major source of pollution of river Ganga. We identified opportunities to collect and process waste, both liquid and solid, from cities and industry. All this waste wil be converted into value. Waste dumps will be cleared, waste collection in cities improved and drainage water cleaned. This will lead to cleaner living environments, healthier citizens. Once successful the approach will be brought to other sub basins of river Ganga.




Waste to Energy Plant Ghana


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