Therus Gieling

Mail: tgi@gc-bv.com
LinkedIn Therus
Tel: +31 (0)6 22 80 35 18

Therus is director and founder of GC and the entities GC SMO, GC Tech and GC International. GC International is partner in the Ghanian Ltd. GEG (Green Energy Ghana). Therus is the face of GC. Therus knows exactly how to bring the right parties together to produce the needed results. He is a good listener and very smart at conceptualising issues posed to him. He has been the author of many integrated concepts that have a progressive outlook. Therus is excellent at creating support, motivating people and accelerating processes.



Mail: aha@gc-bv.com
LinkedIn Alies
Tel: +31 (0)6 82 32 59 74

Alies has an agricultural business-economics background and experience in advice and support of start-ups in the sector of international development work. She has experience in research of innovative agribusinesses and international food chains. As business developer her strength is to develop sustainable and integral business models, with a multi-stakeholder approach and a focus on financial feasibility. She is mainly active for GCs international projects.



Mail: ata@gc-bv.com
LinkedIn Aditi
Tel.: +91 99 53 49 18 79

Aditi is our junior project leader in India. Aditi comes from this country and lives and work in Delhi, India. Aditi is working on projects of GC in India, the projects in the Hindon basin and around the Brahmaputra river. Her main field of work is supporting technical, financial, legal and environmental issues around these projects. She is one of GC's first points of call in India and knows the country and the way of working in India like no other. She has a lot of added value for GC.

Aditi, like Tim, participates in the YEP (Young Expert Program) program of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.



Mail: jke@gc-bv.com
LinkedIn Jeroen
Tel: +31 (0)6 36 30 48 54

Jeroen is director and co-owner of GC SMO. He has years of managerial experience in major construction companies. Jeroen focuses on business and process optimization (cost reduction), strategic property management, personal coaching, senior management and interim management. Jeroen has therefore been instrumental in various housing associations, construction companies, governments and manufacturing companies in the Netherlands. Jeroen is able to realize the maximum value for clients in the different levels of organizations to provide utmost client satisfaction.



LinkedIn Teun
Tel: +31 (0)6 48 25 25 58

Teun is an architect and spatial planner with extensive experience in designing and imaging of areas and/or buildings in integrated projects. He takes design and development to a whole new level by unifying concepts and creating coherence amongst various units. He works flawlessly with his team members in achieving set targets to the admiration of all.


Mail: gti@gc-bv.com
LinkedIn Gerben
Tel: +31 (0)6 15 46 72 46

Gerben is Project Development Director and takes the responsibility for our projects in India, including the projects in the Hindon basin and around the Brahmaputra river. Gerben has broad experience in Oil, Gas and Chemicals, Power Generation and Renewable Energy. In his previous job at NEM/Siemens Gerben has developed several Waste to Energy projects, experience that can be well used for the job at GC. Gerben has a background in mechanical engineering, technology management and business administration.



Mail: ebo@gc-bv.com
LinkedIn Emely
Tel: +31 (0)6 82 32 11 13

Emely is responsible for marketing & communication at both the corporate level and in GC projects. She has experience with large and small companies as well as government businesses. Emely formulates communication plans and executes them. She provides various means of communication and she is responsible for various websites. By her efforts, GC is put on the social media map.


Mail: mha@gc-bv.com
LinkedIn Mark
Tel: +31 (0)6 23 91 63 92 /
GH +233 (0)55 681 55 85

Mark is director and co-owner of GC Tech and Managing Director of the Ltd. GEG. Mark is responsible for managing and leading a skilled team of project engineers. He is in charge of the development, implementation, and evaluation of complex designs anywhere in the world. He oversees integral product engineering and testing in order to ensure completion of projects as efficiently and effectively as possible. GC customers and suppliers will succeed with Mark in the team, successfully in the technical areas of business development and feasibility. Mark never stops to offer improvements to reach the optimum in time, budget and quality.


Mail: mra@gc-bv.com
LinkedIn Martijn
Tel: +31 (0)6 42 61 39 63

With a background in environmental sciences and design, broad experience in working within government and the private sector, Martijn is our specialist in generalism, strong in abstract thinking and distilling thoughts and analysis into feasible concepts and business strategies. This brings GC often in new markets. Martijn is a careful listener and excellent narrator. He is able to oversee complex processes within the field of area development and new business models.

18194-704 Hans.jpg


Mail: hna@gc-bv.com
LinkedIn Hans
Tel: +31 (0)6 30 40 49 33

Hans is as Financial Operations Manager responsible for the financial and administrative processes and structures within GC. He responds to the changing national and international market and translates this to our rapidly growing organization. Hans has extensive experience as a change, process and operational manager in the energy world and the banking sector.


Mail: wve@gc-bv.com
LinkedIn Willy
Tel: +31 (0)318 615 259
+31 (0)6 82 31 88 85

Willy is a office manager who is responsible for both secretarial and administrative tasks at GC. She is a very energetic team player; one who inspires her teammates to success.


Mail: rbe@gc-bv.com
LinkedIn Remco
Tel: +31 (0)6 46 32 15 38

Remco is an expert in land and water management with his expertise spanning various civil engineering projects such as infrastructure, drainage systems, water treatment and sludge management. He gives both clients and contractors broader perspectives on his expertise. Remco supports GC with his knowledge, enthusiasm and commitment by bridging the gap between technology and liquid waste management.

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Mail: msk@gc-bv.com
LinkedIn Missy
Tel: +31 (0)318 615 259

Missy is part of the pioneering concept team of GC. Her design background will enable her to help us transform small leads into new and bankable projects. With Missy we have and additional design professional in our team who is able to strategically use design for solving complex challenges.

Jeroen S.jpg


Mail: jsp@gc-bv.com
LinkedIn Jeroen
Tel: +31 (0)318 615 259

As an urban architect, Jeroen worked for different organizations, where he gained broad experience in the design phase of building and area development. Jeroen mainly works in the projects of GC SMO. With his analytical approach and spatial thinking, he brings complex issues back to the core. Jeroen is someone who goes for concrete results, is creative with the right sense of reality and gets energy from innovative concepts, ideas and solutions.


Mail: rbd@gc-bv.com
LinkedIn Renee
Tel: +31 (0)318 615 259

Renee has a legal landscape engineering background and extensive experience in management of spatial development projects. In these projects he has been involved as a representative of different clients ranging from municipality, housing corporation and developing market parties. Through his training and work experience, he is able to keep both the overview without losing sight of the relevant details. Renee is a committed and loyal spatial development specialist who makes clear appointments and complies with them.